Ruxley Manor Nursery – Spitfire Day

On Saturday 24 May we were invited by Geoff Nuttkins of Shoreham Aircraft Museum to exhibit at Ruxley Manor Nursery’s Spitfire day.

Luckily, with a small break in the low cloud and rain the public were treated to a marvellous aerobatic display by a Mk 9 Spitfire. Watching were four WW 2 RAF veterans who were signing memorabilia, with proceeds going to RAF charities. There was also an exhibition of Classic cars and motorbikes.

Simon Hodges brought his restored 1973 Reliant Rebel, John Kruse arrived rather majestically in his vintage Bentley, and Bob Tovey and his wife turned up with his 1936 B18 BSA motorbike.

An unexpected guest also arrived in the form of Nigel Farage, who in his own words turned up “Because I’m a history buff”. As yours truly had a foot in both camps, I was indebted to Rosemary and Greg Warner, Colin Johnstone and Dave Dawson for keeping shop all day while I was running around getting pictures.

Our exhibition was a great success with the public, with many visits promised. Special thanks must go to Lisa Bottomley at Ruxley Manor who organised the whole day’s events along with Dave Jones at Shoreham.

Open day Sunday 13th October 2013

Despite the awful weather, heavy rain, strong wind and overcast skies 720 enthusiastic visitors attended the last steaming day of the year. People from as far away as Oregon , Holland (30 by coach) and the West Country, together with locals (did not know you were there) braved the conditions.The refreshments were well used and one person said that they would be prepared to suffer the M4, M25 and Thamesmead just for the Bread pudding!

Nineteenth century meets the Twenty first


A mini remote controlled helicopter equipped with a high resolution camera may be used to examine the gutters of the boiler house and to perform inspections that are difficult to achieve by eye.. This will save a great deal of time in preparing risk assessments needed to comply with health and safety requirements.
Not only the prospect of some fantastic, never before possible, photos and videos, but all the fabric of the building can be examined and viewed on the Trust’s computers.

Flight tests are underway to ensure that we can use this mini-marvel safely and effectively.Quadcopter which may be used to examine structure


Getting here

If you’re visiting us by car for the first time you may find the following tips useful.

Don’t use our postcode in your GPS. It will send you to the Thames Water Entrance on the other side of the site. The best address to use is Belvedere Rd, London, SE2.

Belvedere Rd SE2 terminates at the Thames Water security gate which is about 560m south of Crossness. You pass through security and then follow the signs to Crossness.

Here’s a video of the journey from from the start of Harrow Manor Way in Abbey Wood.

Abbey Wood to Crossness by car


Steaming Day 28th July 2013

The steaming day and vintage transport exhibition on Sunday 28 July was a great success the weather being ideal for the outside events and the Beam Engine House nice and cool. Pride of place was taken with the ad hoc collection of the trust’s own motorised equipment, in daily use around the site and a volunteer’s car which if not vintage, certainly ancient.
We also had a visit from one of our volunteers, Ron Wade, who suffered a stroke and is paraplegic, but determined to keep in touch. He single handed kept the grounds in a reasonable condition and initially stocked the cooling pond with fish.
This visit was no easy task, requiring a private ambulance, three nursing staff and a state of the art life support system wheel chair. Ron said he was pleased with the day out and would try and make it a annual event.

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