Ruxley Manor Nursery – Spitfire Day

On Saturday 24 May we were invited by Geoff Nuttkins of Shoreham Aircraft Museum to exhibit at Ruxley Manor Nursery’s Spitfire day.

Luckily, with a small break in the low cloud and rain the public were treated to a marvellous aerobatic display by a Mk 9 Spitfire. Watching were four WW 2 RAF veterans who were signing memorabilia, with proceeds going to RAF charities. There was also an exhibition of Classic cars and motorbikes.

Simon Hodges brought his restored 1973 Reliant Rebel, John Kruse arrived rather majestically in his vintage Bentley, and Bob Tovey and his wife turned up with his 1936 B18 BSA motorbike.

An unexpected guest also arrived in the form of Nigel Farage, who in his own words turned up “Because I’m a history buff”. As yours truly had a foot in both camps, I was indebted to Rosemary and Greg Warner, Colin Johnstone and Dave Dawson for keeping shop all day while I was running around getting pictures.

Our exhibition was a great success with the public, with many visits promised. Special thanks must go to Lisa Bottomley at Ruxley Manor who organised the whole day’s events along with Dave Jones at Shoreham.